Bev Jackson

Bev Jackson

Bev has been with Ware Bathroom Centre for 27 years.
Contemporary bathrooms are her favourite style.


How long have you been with Ware Bathroom Centre?
27 years

How long have you been in the bathroom trade?
28 years

What is your favourite style, currently?
Contemporary, as they do not date. Its key distinguishing features are simplicity and cleanliness. My favourite current example of this is Duravit.

What advice can you give to someone planning their new bathroom suite?
Create a 'mood board'. It really helps piece things together and helps build a picture. If you are doing more than one room, try and concentrate on one room at a time. Please make sure that you talk to your installer with regards to any plumbing issues, for example where things can actually go.

What makes Ware Bathroom Centre what it is today?
The staff always have the customers interest at heart and endeavour to create the perfect bathroom to each particular client.

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