Steve Maynard

Steve Maynard

Steve has been in the bathroom trade for 25 years, and with WBC for 14 years.
Steve has many great tips for planning a new bathroom suite.


How long have you been with Ware Bathroom Centre?
14 years

How long have you been in the bathroom trade?
25 years

What is your favourite style currently?
The minimalist style as it is modern, fresh and uncluttered. Less is more. I really like the Laufen product line.

What advice can you give to someone planning their new bathroom suite?
Talk to an installer, make sure that it is mechanically possible! Have an open mind and try to enjoy the experience!

What makes Ware Bathroom Centre what it is today?
The staff. Their knowledge, dedication and customer service. We try to create a relaxed atmosphere in our showroom, but we still like to maintain our professionalism.

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