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Top 5 Tips for Saving Water

Take a look at our top 5 tips for helping to save water and keep your water bill low.

Water is an expensive and in-demand commodity, the average UK household spends £400 on water each year and with the state of the world today, we are spending more time at home and using more of it.

Here are our top 5 tips for helping to save water and keep your water bill low.

1. Don’t let the taps run unnecessarily

Now this may sound like an obvious one, but it is all about thinking it through. Washing your face, cleaning your hands, doing the washing up, it's very easy to become distracted and leave the tap running. The trick is to make turning the tap off between actions a habit and soon you’ll be saving water by the litre.

2. Fix plumbing leaks

Leaks in plumbing are more common than you would think. They normally appear under sinks, from old pipework, and slow drips from shower heads and taps. It’s a slow way to waste water, but it can be constant and is something we may not even notice. As soon as you do notice a leak, call a plumber and get it fixed, this could save you thousands in the long run.


If you’re more inclined to give things a go yourself, pop on down to see the guys at the trade counter who can help to supply the bits you need.

3. Swap baths for showers

After a long day, nothing beats a nice long hot soak in the tub. As lovely as it is, taking a bath uses more than double the amount of water a shower. Not so great for the environment, nor your bank balance. A simple swap can make a big saving!


WHABS now supply shower trays the same size of your baths foot print, saving you the cost of replacing floor tiles should you chose to switch.

4. Replace your boiler

Now, this may sound like an expensive solution when we've already talked about saving money! But, if you have a boiler that's 10 years old or older, it may be coming to the end of its life quicker than you realise. With this old age, comes poor efficiency. Poor efficiency can lead to it taking longer to heat your home and more cold water coming out before the hot, wasting water. Having a new boiler installed ensures your system is far more effective at heating your water supply and reducing waste.


At WHABS we stock several common sizes of boiler and with recommendations of friendly local plumbers, we can have you warm and cosy with a new boiler in no time

5. Invest in Better Plumbing Products

Many of the plumbing parts in your home will likely be inefficient at water saving. However, there are options to resolve this. Modern fixtures such as water saving showers, low flush or dual flush toilets and energy efficient radiators can all help reduce the amount of water used or wasted.


At both the trade counter and Showroom, water saving options are available on most parts, Just ask! 


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