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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Which is your favourite of them all?

You probably check yourself in the mirror every morning - whether it's to have a shave, do your hair and make-up or check those bleary eyes. But today, a bathroom mirror is more than just part of our daily routine. They can be works of art, create a statement, or illuminate your space with mood lighting.

We’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect mirror for your dream bathroom.


Illuminated mirrors are the choice for windowless or dark bathroom spaces. They use LED lights (eco-friendly and energy efficient) and lighten a space with natural light. Some have integrated lighting, with others that back-lights to project light in a more subtle way across walls and surfaces.

Many illuminated mirrors come with additional features such as colour temperature gauges, built-in demisters and chargers. You’ll also find some with touch-less sensor on/off switches. Just swipe your hand near the sensor to turn it on – great for avoiding those finger marks on your beautiful mirror!

Take a look at HIB’s Solas range, Roper Rhodes’ System range as well as other manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, Deuco, Calypso, Abacus, Roca, Laufen, Bathroom Origins and Utopia. 

Illuminated Mirrors

MOOD LIGHTING MIRRORSAmbiance Bain Chromatherapy Mirror

As light can have an effect on a person’s mood, some manufacturers are now introducing the RGB spectrum to mirror lighting. 

These mirrors feature remote controlled RGB multi-coloured LED lighting allowing you to create your own atmosphere within your new bathroom.

Take a look at Ambiance Bain’s chromatherapy RGB mirrors.


Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, a decorative mirror can be a statement piece and add character to your bathroom space. As well as traditional, rectangular shaped mirrors, consider round and oval ones as they can create a visual link between your sanitaryware or the rounded edges of furniture.

We like HiB’s Arte, Kartell All Saints Mirrors and Bathroom Origins’ Polygon and Hera mirrors.

Decorative Mirrors









Villeroy & Boch My View In Mirror Cabinet

If you’re looking for clutter-free surfaces then mirror cabinets offer practical storage with beautiful design. These mirrors can also be incorporated into the style of your entire bathroom design so that it matches your furniture. Many mirror cabinets include discreet charging sockets and bluetooth connectivity as well as illuminated magnifying mirrors inside the cabinet.

Recessed or semi-recessed mirror cabinets can also bring a clean, contemporary feel to a bathroom. They can be subtle or have featured sides or lighting. Just remember to plan for this with your bathroom fitter and make sure that the doors can be opened in a recess! include discreet charging sockets and bluetooth connectivity as well as illuminated magnifying mirrors inside the cabinet.

We like Villeroy & Boch’s ‘My View In’ integrated mirror cabinet, Keuco’s Edition 400 and Royal Lumos, and Bathroom Origins Space II.


Magnifying mirrors are great for getting that close-up shave and applying make-up. Magnifying mirrors can be stand alone or integrated into cabinets and those with LED lighting provide that ideal illumination for beauty tasks.


  1. Before buying a bathroom mirror, decide if you’d like a mirror above the vanity unit / basin area or fill the entire length of the counter top.
  2. Also consider, the placement and safe installation of electrical appliances in the bathroom as there is a safe distance required for installations. For example, a 60cm radius is recommended between a mirror and wash basin. Manufacturers recommend that all electrical bathroom products are fitted by a suitably qualified Part P registered electrician.
  3. The size and shape of a mirror can really transform a bathroom space. Use paper mock-ups to help you visualise what size and shape would work well.
  4. Some mirrors come with built-in demister pads. These are particularly useful in small spaces after a steamy bath or shower. Large glass mirrors can have demister pads fitted prior to being mounted, so consider that as an option as well.
  5. Consider some of the more innovative bathroom mirror features. Charging sockets for electric toothbrushes and shavers, bluetooth mirrors that play music, or natural light illumination for make-up and shaving can really make a difference to your daily routine.
  6. A simple chrome mirror and investing in good lighting can also help you create the desired ambiance in your bathroom space. Many manufacturers have showerlights, spotlights and beautiful pendant lights to give you that added sense of luxury. 


7.     Once you’ve hung your new bathroom mirror and come to clean it, spray the cloth not the glass to avoid de-silvering. 


At Ware Bathroom Centre we have over 80 mirrors on display including illuminated, non-illuminated, mirror cabinets, and vanity bathroom mirrors to suit a variety of spaces and styles. Whatever type of mirror you decide to have for your bathroom, consider both its practical use, but also how that mirror brings style to your bathroom space.